• Manufacturer: COSMOS
    Model: XP-702IIZ-F
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Gas Detected: Quality CFC gases and fire (can choose).
- Principle of measurement: Semiconductor wire resistive heating
- The lowest leakage rate can be measured:
+ CH4 gas, LPG​​: 3.3x10-6 Pa.m3 / s
+ Gas CFC: muc124g/nam leak (R407C) or 11.2 g / year (R-410A)
- The lowest concentration ratio can be measured.
+ CH4 gas, LPG​​: 10ppm
+ Gas CFC: 30ppm
- Response time: 3 seconds
- Alarm signals: Bell, Flash
- Power: 3xAA - Alkaline dry battery
- Operating time: 18 hours (by alkaline dry battery) at ambient temperature and humidity constant.
- Design explosion: Sensors: pressure, the other parts: safety inside
- Operating temperature: 20 - 50 ° C
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 60x140x40mm (excluding protrusions gomphan)
- Weight: ~ 260g (excluding battery)
- Standard accessory attached to the unit: First gas sampling with filters, straps, gas test,
- Section comes standard alkaline batteries 3xAA dry, add filters, strap.
Manufacturer: Cosmos-Japan
Warranty 12 months


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