Drilling Screw machine FEIN, SCT5-40M, 450W

  • Manufacturer: FEIN
    Model: SCT5-40M
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Model SCT5-40M
Power input 450 W
Output power 250 W
Maximum torque 12 Nm
Speed, full load R.P.M 0-2700
Speed, no load R.P.M 0000-4000
Weight 1.6 kg
Wires 5 m
Fastening, Ø 5 mm
Clamp Quick Detachable 1 / 4 "
Product Code 72130650
A loaded tape drive screws
A first screw ¼ "cross size 2 / Phillips (type H), a dust ring
First stop
A wrist strap
A mechanical wear
1 plastic containers
The advantage
Fastening Machine SCT 5-40X includes media drive screw M55
Disassembled quickly without tools containing screw drive, install the screw length, screw depth, as well as quick cleaning
Speed ​​is optimized to fit the wooden planks on the walls or frames
CLIC STOP clutch smooth operation
Fastening accurately with electronic variable speed settings in a wide range
Loading screw system was patent
Machine tools used in adding depth for screw type removable
Ideal for a hand held computer
Containing screw drive can record 3600
Type manipulate the market to handle highly sensitive
Motor high performance
Stop the machine does not vibrate
Handy wrist strap

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