HFE100 Huatec Digital Eddy Current Testing Equipment , Ferrite Content Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

  • Manufacturer: HUATEC
    Model: HFE100
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Manufacturer: Huatec

Model: HFE100

Made in China



- LCD-display,
- Two display modes (SAVE and FREE).
- Two units — Fe% and FN (WRC number).
- Statistics display together with measurements.
- Built-in Rs-232 interface for printer(Option if need)

Technical data
- The meter is mainly used for the determination of the ferrite content of welded austenitic steel or Duplex or cladding of austenitic chromium-nickel steel weld.
- Range 0.1~80%Fe , ( 0.1~110)WRC-number
- Precision ±2%(raneg0.1~30%Fe), ±3%(raneg30~80% Fe)
- Operating temperature 5 ~ 40℃
- Batteries 9v 6F22



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