HUATEC LP-10C Rubber 0.01mm Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for the vulcanized rubber and plastic products

  • Manufacturer: HUATEC
    Model: LP-10C
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Manufacturer: Huatec
Model: LP-10C
Made in China

LP-10-C Rubber Thickness Gauge is mainly used for measuring the thickness of vulcanized rubber and plastic products. It has the following characteristics: easy structure, easy usage, reliable quality and removable base.

Technical info:

Measure the range: 0-10mm, resolution value is 0.01mm;

Have the diameter of examining the head: φ2mm; φ5mm; φ10mm; φ4mm*1mm

Dimension: L*W*H(mm)138*60*180;

Weight quality: 130g, 110g, 10g

Weight: about 1.5kg




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