Velp ECO6 COD reactor

  • Manufacturer: VELP
    Model: ECO6
    Origin: Italy
    Guarantee: 12 month
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COD reactor
Manufacturer: Velp - Italy
Model: ECO6
Origin: Italy
- ECO6 is designed for analysis of COD 6 x 20ml sample digestion and to determine the metal content, in non-metallic inorganic materials and organic (such as metals, alloys, feed, soil , mud ...).
- ECO series is designed according to ISO 15705 for the analysis of COD in water.
- Process that faster COD only 30 minutes at 160oC.
- Working temperature: room temperature to 200 degrees centigrade, 1 ° C accuracy.
- Temperature stability: 0.5oC
- The uniform temperature: 0.5oC
- Working time: from 0 to 199 minutes or continuous operation.
- Capacity: 6 x 42mm test tubes .
- ECO6 adapter is equipped with 3 x 16mm test tubes or 1 x 22mm test tubes to become the response to 18 test tubes.
- The display shows the temperature and reaction time.
- Alarm after the end of each reaction cycle and automatically shut down.
- Power: 700W
- Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
- Weight: 5.6kg
- Dimensions: 198 x 132 x 319mm
- (Code: F10100120)
Supply includes: main unit and instruction manual.

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