Weller WHA 3000P Set Hot Air (600 W)

  • Manufacturer: WELLER
    Model: WHA3000PSet
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Manufacture: Weller
Made in Mexico
Model: WHA 3000P Set
Part number: T0053334699N
Warranty: 12 month

Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 240 x 270 x 170 mm
Voltage: 230 V
Heating output: 600 W
Vacuum: -0,6 bar
Fuse: T6.3A
Temperature range: 50 °C –550°C
Power consumption: 600 W
Order Infomation: AKT 30,  WHA 3000V / 3000P Düsenwechselwerkzeug, WHA 3000V / 3000P Fußschalter, NQ30



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