TONHE TH230D40NZ-3 강제 공기 냉각 정류기 (190-300VDC, 40A)

  • 생산업체: Tonhe
    Model: TH230D40NZ-3
    출처: China
    보증: 12 month
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Model: TH230D40NZ-3
Manufacturer: TONHE
Made in China
Waranty: 12 months
AC input:
- Input voltage: 380VAC±20%
- Input phase: 3-Phase
- Power factor: ≥93%
- Input frequency: 45 to 65Hz
DC output:
- Output voltage: 190-300VDC (Nominal 220VDC)
- Default output voltage: 234VDC
- Rated output current: 40A
- Max output power: 12000W
- Output current limit: 105% rated output current
- Efficiency: ≥93
- Voltage accuracy: ±0.5%
- Current accuracy: ±1%
- Ripple: ≤0.2%
- Load share imbalance: ≤±3%
Communication interface: RS485
Load capability: 100% continuous output current
Indicators: LED indicator for AC mains, rectifier failure, Over temperature; Digit fault code on LCD display,
Protection and alarms: Input under/over voltage, output under/over voltage, output current limit, over temperature, short circuit protection, phase loss
2.1kVac input-earth
2.1kVac input-output
2.1kVac output-earth
Weight (kgs): 19kgs
Dimension(H/W/D) (Enclosure) (mm): 303/136/410
Dimension (H/W) (front panel) (mm): 340/145
Front panel: Plastic
Shelf: 2/3/4 modules
Cooling Method: Force-air cooling
Noise(dB): <50dB
Storage temperature: -40/+60℃
Working temperature: -10/+40℃
Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing
Altitude: ≤2000m

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