• 制造商: Ainuo
    Model: AN7931X(F)
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Manufacture: Ainuo
Model: AN7931X(F)
Warranty: 12 month

Channel: 3
Measurement parameters:  U, I, P, λ, f, Wh
Voltage rated range: 20.0V ~ 600.0V
Current rated range: 0.030A ~ 5.000A ~ 40.00A
Voltage/current ratio:  1~100
Crest Factor(U): 5(Full Range)
Crest Factor(I): 6(Full Range)
Voltage/current measurement accuracy: ±(0.3% × reading+0.2% × range)
Active power measurement accuracy:  PF≥0.2:±(0.3% × reading+0.2% × range); 0.2>PF>0.2:±(0.3% × reading+0.2% × range)
Frequency measurement range: 45Hz ~ 65Hz, ±0.2% × giá trị đọc
Interface: RS232(Option RS485)
Dimension: 320(W)×113(H)×435(D) mm
Weight: 5 kg


Product Detail

Main features
32-bits ARM microprocessor,12-bits AD sampling,high measurement accuracy;
Fast voltage/current sampling,calculate three-phase data within 0.9 seconds sampling period;
Suitable to test 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4 wire load. Under 3 phase 4 wire mode,it can be used as 3 independent units of
single phase meter;
Switch energy unit,satisfy requirements for accumulating of electric energy fo low-power load;

Voltage/current ratio,easy expansion;

Power overlimit sound&light alarm.





Measurement parameters

U I P λ f Wh

Voltage rated range

20.0V ~ 600.0V

Current rated range

0.030A ~ 5.000A ~ 40.00A

Voltage/current ratio


Crest Factor(U)

5(Full Range)

Crest Factor(I)

6(Full Range)

Voltage/current measurement accuracy

±(0.3% × reading+0.2% × range)

Active power measurement accuracy

PF≥0.2±(0.3% × reading+0.2% × range)

0.2PF0.2±(0.3% × reading+0.2% × range)

Power factor measurement accuracy/range

±(0.10 1.00)

Frequency measurement range

45Hz ~ 65Hz

Frequency measurement accuracy

±0.2% × reading (Voltage amplitude should be not less than 20% of voltage range)

Energy measurement range


Energy measurement accuracy

±1% × range (up to 1.0000kWh)

Display updating intervals

0.9 s


RS232(Option RS485)


320(W)×113(H)×435(D) mm

Bracket height

14 mm


About 5 kg



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