DET POISK-2006M电缆故障定位接收器

  • 制造商: DET
    Model: POISK-2006M
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Manufacturer: DE-Ukraine
Model: POISK-2006M
Warranty: 12 month

Receiver POISK-2006M is designed for operation in conjunction with audio frequency generator
GZCH-2500 or Surge Wave Generator SWG/SWGB with the following parameters:
• storage capacity for fault location type SSC 300-400 microfarads.
• at a charging voltage of 5-10 kV;
• pulse frequency 0.2-1 Hz.
Such SWG model is useful for location of SSC type faults.
To determine the SB damage, - storage capacity may be reduced to 1.5 uF.
In addition for tracing the cable line under test (ie, determining the route of buried cable) or location of faults in cables such as phase-to-phase shot-circuit is required audio frequency generator GZCH-2500



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