Máy hàn tự động chipset LED/BGA/SMD ZHUOMAO ZM-R720

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Hãng sản xuất: ZHUOMAO
Model: ZM-R720
Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

Tích hợp màn hình LCD cảm ứng điều khiển, Camera căn chỉnh
Tổng công suất: Max 5300 W
Nguồn: AC 220V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Công suất nhiệt phía trên: 1200 W
Công suất nhiệt phía dưới: 1200 W
Công suất IR: 2700 W
Nhiệt độ khí nóng: 400 ℃ (Max)
Nhiệt độ làm nóng trước: 400 ℃ (Max)
Định vị: Rãnh V + định vị laze + cố định
Kích thước PCB : Max 410 × 370 mm
Kích thước thiết bị đốt nóng trước: 370mm × 270mm
Kiểu Chip: BGA, QGN, CSP, POP, QFN, Micro SMD, LED hạt đèn
Kích thước chip: Max 80 × 80mm Min 2 × 2 mm (phụ thuộc vòi phun)
Kích thước: L640 x W630 x H900 mm
Cảm biến nhiệt độ: 1 pc
Trọng lượng tịnh: 70kg

Chi tiết

Option Nozzle:
- Nozzle  8x8mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 10x10mm  : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 12x12mm  : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 15x15mm  : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 18x15mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 20x20mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 24x24mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 25x25mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 28x28mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 31x31mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 35x35mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 36x36mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 38x38mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 41x41mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 45x45mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 48x48mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 50x50mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 55x55mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 60x60mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ
- Nozzle 65x65mm : 1,125,000 VNĐ


1,Suitable for LED lamp beads repairing, size of micro LED components not less than 0.6*0.6 mm can be repaired

2,Suitable for LED lamp beads of tape packaging and bulk materials,Also any BGA and components which are difficult to repair.

3,High solution optical alignment system,accurate LED components positioning,ensure precise mounting.

4,Optical alignment is controlled electrically,can rotate automatically

5,Mounting head built-in pressure testing device,to protect the PCB

6,built-in infrared laser positioning,fast positioning for PCB.

7,Adopt HIWIN precision guide rail for up and down movement system,ensure reliable and accurate running

8,Adopt up and down alignment for top and bottom heater,heating for appointed local zone,prevent PCB to turn yellow.

9,Bottom heater up and down manually,can adjust the heating height real time.

10,Adopt ceramics infrared radiator for IR heater,heating stably and uniformly with long serve life

11,Human-machine interface has multiple operation mode and permission,welding,desoldering and mounting manually,easy operation.

12,High resolution touch screen,which is up to 800*600 pixel

13,  Adopt joystick control for alignment system,no need setting Complicated parameters

14,Adopt Delta double ball bearing flow fan for air supply,no need external air source

15, Adopt DCCE 6 channel module for temperature control system,automatic PID adjustment

 16, Monitoring heaters real time, when accident happens, relevant  sensors will send signal to PLC,which will close output channel and display fault condition. Protect itself automatically



Total Power

Max 5300 W



AC  220 V±10%   50/60 Hz


Top heater power 

1200 W


Bottom heater power

1200 W


IR power

2700 W


Hot air temperature



Preheating temperature 




V-groove +laser positioning +universalfixture


PCB size

Max 410×370 mm


Preheating size



Chip type

BGA, QGN,CSP,POP,QFN, Micro SMD,LED lamp beads


Chip size

Max 80×80mm        Min 2×2 mm



L640×W630×H900 mm


Temperature sensor

1 piece


Net weight






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